May 15, 2017

Happy 80th Birthday Dad!


Edited: May 15, 2017

A little while ago a friend and colleague suggested that a great way to workout my goals and values would be to write the speech that's delivered at my 80th Birthday Party.


By starting at the end I could work back and formulate the goals I'd need to set and the steps I'd need to take to get where I want to be in the future.


It wasn't an easy process. There were so many things to consider, so many choices to make. It took many iterations.


But, in the end, I found the process immensely practical and useful. It was also emotional, making me decide what really mattered most to me.


I've shared the final version below in the hope that it helps someone ele who may be going through a similar lifestage.


Obviously this is very personal to me and the content may be hopelessly inappropriate for anyone else.


But if it helps just one other dad get focussed and drive for a better place, I'll be happy.


The speech is made by only son.




Happy Birthday Dad


My dad’s 80. But he's much more than a number.


He's always been everything to me and he still is.


Always there for me, always supporting me, always inspiring me. As much now as he has throughout my life.


But not just me.


Throughout his life dad has played a similar role to many and he continues to do so. Today's attendance just proves that point. The biggest room we could find filled with Family and friends. For dad doesn't have acquaintances or colleagues. You're either a friend or family or both. And I'm sure all of you are only too pleased to describe dad in these terms too.


In fact I've asked many of you to do just that. To describe dad in a few words.


Now there's some words I can't possibly share, but of those I can, common themes are evident.


Words like passionate, driving, inspirational, loving, caring, trustworthy, compassionate and generous were mentioned most. I see all of these in dad and I'm sure you do to.


Dad leads by example. Going not just the extra mile but the extra 1000 miles.


Never giving up. Being strong, determined and an all round nice guy.


Inspiring us all to better our own lives. Give more, do more, achieve more. Not just in work or business but in all areas of life.


Many of you know that in his mid 40’s dad took the brave decision to exit the world of the corporate rat race. Instead he prioritised his life on his family, helping me through education, entertainment and my overall development and allowing mum to accelerate her career and fulfil her ambition of becoming a highly successful executive in what was then a male dominated world.


The real measure of a man’s success is not the material possessions he accumulates, nor the money he holds in the bank.


No. It's the value of the life he's led, the experiences he's enjoyed, the impact he's made on others and ultimately, but not just yet, the legacy he leaves behind.


Measured in these terms, dad can certainly be described as successful.


I'd like to close with a very personal Thank You dad.


Thank you for everything you've done for me and with me. For your warmth, your love and your attention.


But most important of all thank you for consistently being my compass.


You taught me the value of values, living by your own and helping me to identify mine.


Allowing me to hold my standards high, make the right choices and live by my terms and not those imposed by others.


Happy birthday dad.


I love you.

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  • jasonssmith
    Sep 6, 2018

    I am the luckiest dad around. Every year I'm able take the summer off and spend quality time with my son, but thanks to the unusually glorious, hot and sunny English weather, this year was extra special. At the start of the holidays we made a list of all the places he wanted to go, all the things he wanted to do and all the people he wanted to see. We did the lot and more. It was very special. But, for me, the most special aspect is the bond created by spending so much time together. Laughing and chatting in the car, restaurants, attraction queues and various other places is simply brilliant. I realise not many dads have the opportunity to spend so much time with their kids (I did say I'm the luckiest dad around), but I would encourage all dads to spend some time doing this kind of stuff. There is nothing more rewarding, for you and your kids.
  • jasonssmith
    Jul 29, 2017

    It may not be top of everyones' places to go list, and it wasn't ours, but we've just had a fabulous day at Hampton Court Palace and Bushy Park. We had been before. Around six years ago and I wondered how my son James (who is eight) would react to spending the day walking around a park and a historical royal palace. I was reassured that we would have a good laugh in the maze and enjoy watching the deer but I had no idea just how good the day would be. We left the car in Bushy Park's free car park, wondered around the deer, played in the kids area and ate ice cream before heading across the road into the palace. After collecting our tickets we headed in and toured the Young Henry exhibition. James was surprised by Henry's younger days, his athletic build and ability at sport coming as a complete surprise to someone who only knows perhaps our most famous King by the infamous 'fat Henry' painting depicting his later years. We headed out to the Maze, where we did indeed laugh a lot, before heading back inside where we happened to come across a troupe of actors giving a performance of 'Power Play', which depicts Henry, Thomas Cromwell and Cardinal Wolsey plotting the annulment of his marriage to first wife Catherine. It lasted 1 hour, but my son and all of the other children watching were enthralled as the actors went from room to room playing out the scenes in the very places in which they actually ocurred so many years ago. It was brilliant! Whilst eating lunch we spotted what looked like a huge play area peaking over the top of the bushes. Feeling properly refreshed we headed off and my son played and played and played in the Magic Garden, a sizeable area with sandpits, water, climbing frames and dragons. I eventually had to drag him away after an hour and a half! We headed back into the palace to explore all the rooms and see Henry's crown before walking around the gardens and eventually returning to Bushy Park to collect the car and say goodbye to the deer. All in all it was the most surprising and entertaining day and, if you're near by, I thoroughly recommend it.
  • jasonssmith
    Jul 12, 2017

    We're half way through the first week of the summer holidays and, even if i do say it myself, it's been a pretty good start. After winding down work related activities I've been able to focus all of my attention on my son James and, as a result, we've both been thoroughly entertained. We've been to cricket training camps (where I also get involved), spent a thrilling day at Chessington World of Adventures, built dens whilst walking the dogs in the woods and played traditional card games during rainy afternoons. He also diligently took me through all the school work he brought home at the end of the school year. James is keeping a diary of all the stuff we've done, so he'll have a record to consult in the future and remember the great times we've had, laughs we've shared and experiences we've enjoyed, together. It's a great way of keeping his mind active and developing his writing skills during the long summer break. It also challenges me to make the holidays as rich and engaging as possible. No pressure!