Ninja Dads Tribe


Ninja Dads Tribe is committed to connecting, supporting and inspiring hands on and stay at home dads in all areas of their lives.  


After spending far too much time toying around with his idea, Ninja Dads Tribe was finally founded in 2017 by Jason Smith, a full time dad in Surrey, England.  


When the opportunity arose to exit his corporate career Jason jumped at the chance of becoming the principal carer for his young son and has done so for three years, combining dad life with running a management consulting business.  


Before making this move neither Jason or his wife would get to spend much time with their son during the week, relying on a totally brilliant nanny to take care of him whilst they both worked long hours in demanding executive roles.

The transition wasn't easy for Jason.  The at home dad life can be solitary, lonely and like many others living this life, Jason questioned his identity, role and value.  But nothing compares to the relationship Jason has built with his son, the experiences they have enjoyed, the laughs they have shared and the bond that has developed.  It was after researching how other dads felt and realising that he wasn't the only dad finding it difficult to come to terms with at home life that Jason first wanted to help other dads, providing a resource to inspire those going through similar emotions.


The Ninja theme originates from his wife's pet name for Jason's martial art activity - "how was ninja tonight?" she'll ask.  Jason is a Black Belt in the Korean Martial Art of Choi Kwang Do,  combining training with instructing adults and kids at his local club.



Jason would love you to join the conversation in our Forum, read the themed content and follow Ninja Dads Tribe on social media to stay connected.  Please get involved by asking and answering questions.  Share your stories, experiences, fears and happiness. 


And help all dads be Ninja Dads. 

Ninja Dad